Tidebank needed help bringing their old website back to life. When a previous developer left them with bad design, poor SEO structure and no website security, Kevin [DirectorTidebank] came to me to find out how I could help.

We redesigned the website, making it look a lot more professional and user friendly. The site now works across all devices and we implemented Google Analytics so we could see growth comparison, how the users interact with the site, and making sure we rank on Google. We implemented a strong SEO structure as well as creating PDF versions of the pages, which users can download and use as a brochure guide to Kevin’s developments. 

One of the main goals was to help the site stand out as a ‘commercial property developer’, as they had a lot of traffic looking for ‘the bank called tide’. By adding in a punchy header, along with a video background and call-to-actions, as well as making the introduction to the company stand out better,  I believe we achieved all targets.